The Cream of Tartar Show - Scone or Scone !

The next outing of the Cream of Tartar Show is on Sat 4th of May at Duke of Uke ( just of Brick Lane E1). I will be performing at 8.45 with Brazillian Uke player Rita Braga starting the evening at 8pm. Tickets can be obtained at Eventbrite where you are asked to pay what you can ( suggested donation £5) you are encouraged to make a contribution to the performers. see People do ask me frequently what is the Cream of Tartar show so to make life simple I have made a webpage for the Cream of Tartar show with many of the song sheets and MP3's of the song so you can have a listen and a play in advance. Essentially come along and bring something ! your ukulele, your friend, a strange instrument th

The Music Hall Marionettes at The V & A

This weekend I'll be supplying the music and effects for our second performance in 2 years using the Tiller- Clowes marionette collection. The collection is a remarkable complete collection of marionettes bequeathed by the two leading marionette families i believe around a 130 years ago. In the request to the museum was a wish that the marionettes were used once a year in performance. For the second year then a group of leading puppeteers have put together a performance an afternoon of performances at the V & A museum