The Cream of Tartar Show occupies a unique space being simultaneously a performance, cabaret & music workshop. Essentially Jake takes centre stage and invites everyone to learn a selection of his songs.

To this end Jake brings colourful songsheets with their chords and arrangements. Added to this are props, percussion and mutiple parts for the audience to learn before the piece is performed by the audience themselves. Jake plays a range of instruments including accordion, banjo, uke & piano & guides you through his enigmatic musical canon.

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Cream of tartar


“I asked the maid, in a dulcet tone
to fetch for me a buttered scone,
but it seems the silly girl has gone
and bought for me a buttered scone.”

Scone or Scone is the first question the audience decides before we learn the mighty Cream of Tartar. Should we sing the Sexy Southern Version or the Northern Soul Version ! Have a listen and decide for yourself !

Cream of Tartar Northern Soul Mix - Jake Rodrigues
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Cream of Tartar Sexy South Mix - Jake Rodrigues
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The performance lasts from 60-90 minutes which is the standard length for one of the many Ukulele classes that Jake runs all over, and all are welcome ( ie no musical skill is needed ) . 'Surprisingly Musical' was a stern critics appraisal of Jake's show  which is topped by the finale piece The Cream of Tartar song, a modern day epic about self worth & sticking up for yourself ! Hearty sentiments indeed with a tune and arrangement somewhere between Mull of Kintyre, Bohemian Rhapsody & Remember your a Womble !

Ok  you lot ! stop shilly shalling and have a butchers hook at these beauties, which are likely to be in the next show !

Below are a selection of songs from the Cream of  Tartar show with Uke charts as PDF's . If they are too hard you can always leave out a few of the chords & if they are too easy your a clever clogs and I'll be happy to show you a 'session cat' riff or two to put in at the gig !

Building a Wall with Love - Jake Rodrigues
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Lucky Spoon - Jake Rodrigues
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Nothing ( Short demo) - Jake Rodrigues
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Buttons - Jake Rodrigues
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Spaghetti Bolognese - Jake Rodrigues
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Death by Karaoke - Jake Rodrigues
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How to make an A- Bomb - Jake Rodrigues
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Sea Kissing the Shingle - Jake Rodrigues
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Death by Karaoke

Death near the Dancefloor ! I read an article about dodgy Karaoke machines in Asia killing people by electrocution and had to make it into a song !