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Hello and welcome to the Ukulele sing- a-long page. From teaching over the last few years I occasionaly find great tracks that work well as uke songs as they play in the same key as the well known original. With this in mind here are a a selection of tracks that for the most part you should  be able to play by following the song sheets and singing to the video. It's a great way to improve your playing and to make a good noise in the process.

To play simply select the arrow button on the track you want and you will go to a linked page  with the chords/words  and video. There is also a PDF  download which makes printing off a copy easy. This is a slow process for me to do so my apologies if I only have a few tracks running at present .I will keep adding to this page as I go . Enjoy Jake !

For links to uke songbooks and more uke stuff click here !

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