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As a uke track this is an absolutely corker to play with or without the track playing. The energy is relentless and so upbeat and the song is very well crafted in great sections.

There is great potential in a group with this one as there are call and answer sections especially in the verses. The bridge/coda has a superb shift of gear before the final couple of chorus'. As a uke number it also features a tight clean end . Hurrah always a good thing

In regards of playing  this track there are a few pointers. The first section is 4/4 but count 1 2 3 and 4 and. I would pick that with thumb and fingers. With the rest of the song try and keep your wrist lose and don't be afraid of playing 4 down strums to the bars until you get to funk it up. Also the Dm7 in the pre-chorus is just like Cm7 but at the 5th fret instead of the 3rd.

Finally in a group try some of you playing C and some C6 to get a more textured sound. Above all belt it out as loud as you can with the track and feel the seratonin rush. Enjoy Jake

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