Froggy's famous fanclub

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Froggy has relocated from the The Anchor church now to 2 locations outdoors for the summer and hopefully into the Autumn too. Like last summer and the above showreel we are in Garratt Park which is behind the Leather Bottle pub on Garratt Lane in Earlsfield. Weather permitting every Friday . The same is true of Monday but in a different location which is Durnsford Park Recreation Ground which is more Wimbledon and just behind Wimbledon Park School.

Both events start at 9.30 ( arrive time pay & settle down ) we then start the music at 9.45 and finish at around about 10.30. The event costs £6 & £4 extra for siblings. It is a drop in and you can pay cash or by card onsite.

You need to bring a smile, a picnic blanket , sunscreen as there isn't much shade. Contact me with any questions & I will try and help ( below is the poster for the outside events )

Muddy Music .jpg

About Froggy's Famous Fanclub

Jake started working with pre school children nearly 20 years ago with a music friend, Bea Couch, who runs her own music sessions: Bea's Baby Music. Jake started working in several nurseries including Blundell's nursery in Battersea (now Working Mums Nursery, Battersea) where he has played music session for the children twice a week for 18 years. Initially using nursery rhymes and well known singing games like 'Sleeping Bunnies', Jake developed his repertoire of kid-friendly music and has written and adapted songs and games to provide a unique and dynamic way of enjoying and sharing live music with the whole family.


Within a year Jake was working as a musician in three nurseries and was getting known as a specialist in Children's music. This led to writing and performing music for children's TV with  cameo performances in CBeebies'  Rhyme Rocket and composing/performing the Channel 5 children's animation 'Birdbath', where Jake performed as an animated song thrush and wrote over 60 songs for the show.

You can still buy a DVD of Birdbath or watch them online. Yes it is Jake singing on the tree playing a lute thing which is pretty hard with wings
Hello to Me - Jake Rodrigues

This is the hello song I wrote for the tea time treats. I think I've nearly said hello to everyone now

There's a Dino lives next door - Jake Rodrigues

This a demo of the Dino song featuring the marvelous vocals of Rebecca Bennet who was my lead singer in the Tea Time Treats

Let's go to Hawaii - Jake Rodrigues

Let's go to Hawaii is a fun ukulele song where we get to row a boat, climb a coconut tree, hula dance & surf ! Phew