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The  Famous

Froggy  Interview

Name : Froggy ! Yes I know not very original but what can I say ?

Hello Froggy : Burrrp !

Age: Cheeky ! about 20 years actually

Occupation: Sidekick to musician Jake Rodrigues


Hobbies: I like going BOO to make kids jump. I like high fiving people, jumping higher than I should & sitting on Jake's head

It's hard to tell sometimes whether you are a good natured or grumpy froggy, can you explain ? : I only get really moody when I'm woken up by too much knocking on my door

Where do you live : In a Ukulele case you big noodle !

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food : Mostly flies

Best Friends : Bumble bee, Yodelling Squirrel,Tightrope Teddy, Herbie the Hedgehog, Stinky ( Heath's bunny rabbit), occasionally Jake and sometimes the grumpy tiny man who lives in the drum.

Favourite film character & Film : Froggie Vadar & The Return of Hopping Jedi

First Kiss : Still waiting you never know I might be a prince or princess !

Tell us a secret : Eating mosquitoes makes me fart !

Thank you Froggy : Burrrp !

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