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Click on the picnic couple for the songbook

Part 1 : Introduction & buying uke                 Part 2 : Holding uke, strumming & chords

Part 3 : First Songs-singin in the rain

iko iko & I fought the law

Part 4 : Songs galore - Jambalaya -Lion Sleeps Tonight - YMCA

Tuning the Uke ( 5 mins)

Click here

for songbook

learn the uke in an hour or less

Hello & welcome to the webpage supporting the videos that comprise of  'Learn to play the uke in an hour' . As a uke teacher I have been teaching for  over 10 years and provided students are willing to try I can get them playing in next to no time .

My techniques are very similar to many teachers of the uke but where I perhaps differ is that I think that 1) it is really important to laugh and enjoy what you do ( it is not a chore) & 2) you sing as well as play ! This second point is borne out time & time again with students who say I can't sing & then realise they can & love it.  Essentially you get two musical instruments for the price of one.

The  virtual class on youtube has been compressed to 5 classes ( well 4 plus a short one on tuning ) .  Feel free to dip in and out & go to the part relevant to you (eg. if you can tune the uke there's no need to watch that video ).

There is also a songbook with all the songs and more info on tuning, sizes of uke etc that you can download as a PDF. Enjoy yourselves & see you somewhere soon !

All the best Jake

Click on George's Apple for the songbook

Click on Joe Strummer's uke for the songbook

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