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The Cream of Tartar Show

Jake is busy this year with both making a new Cd of his own songs but also performing a unique show called the Cream of Tartar show. In this musical performance Jake literally teaches the audience his own songs with song sheets props and bon homie !
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The Clockwork Crooner project

With childhood memories of his father doing puppet shows & things like Punch & Judy

it was only a matter of time before Jake built himself a booth. Here is the result which was built and premiered last summer . The idea behind this creation is a human juke box where the audience CANNOT decide the 'actual' song but can control by turning 5 sets of cogs on the front a variety of settings. These are:

1) The setting be it 'Wild West' 'City Slicker' "'By the Shore' or 'Spooky Night'

2) The style Happy, Sad, Cheeky or Angry

3) The instrument - Banjo, Guitar, Uke or Accordion

4) The tempo - fast, slow, clippity cloppy, variable

5) Special Effects - Yodelling, Scatting, Bluesy etc

The One Man Knees Up Party


For several years now Jake has been performing bespoke parties for all sorts of folks. These 2 pics are from 2 different  parties .

One was a cockney knees up booked for friends and families the other was a hen party for a lovely group of Dutch women who wanted the bride to be to become a one man band.


Jake is currently developing a webpage with testimonials etc and info on this new venture he is promoting 

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