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Biggest Gig & Best Gig

Here are a couple of youtube flicks both being of my one man band . The first is yours truly on Strictly Come Dancing which I can safetly say is the biggest show I've done for a while with 9.3 million watching the show live.

The second video is one of my favourite performances for quite a while to a dog in Fulham market. It sat there and watched me for over a minute and everytime its attention waned I made another silly noise and it watched me again. What was even more weird were four other dogs watching ( sadly out of screen shot) and an audience that gradually built up. I returned a year later to the market and a man mentioned the dog scene and said he had posted it on youtube . Fantastic !

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Hi there ! I'm currently working on some new sheets of songs and will compile a summer 2023pdf booklet soon in the meantime here are a couple of tunes !

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