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Uke Wars

Is it a musical ? Is it a soap opera ? Is it a uke class ? Are there fights between uke groups ? Yes, yes, yes & yes. Welcome to the new brave world of Jake & his musical adventures. Starting this autumn in sunny Camden is a new type of uke class where we willnot only learning songs and uke techniques but we will be working towards a performance in December called Uke Wars. In front of a live audience we will film our musical story about 2 rival uke groups competing for the coveted Uketown International Prize.

We have started rehearsals & learning the material & have 6 more rehaersals before we film Episode 3 on the 6th December. If you want to be involved contact Jake our next rehearsal being on the 20th September @ the Engineer pub in Camden. We meet every fortnight from then on till our performance.

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