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Rihanna's song 'Toward the Sun' is the leader track from the film 'Home'. As a uke song it works as both a play along with the track and as a piece on its own once you know how it goes. What I really like about  this song is the melody that has an ancient  and timeless quality  to it.

Technically this is achieved with a a very strong diatonic feel , an intense rhythmn and an enhanced hyper real layering of harmony. In a sense this makes it so much fun to play along with.

To play this song you really have to try and find different ways of changing dynamics. Start by playing single down strums at the beginning of each bar ie a count of four.  You really  need to change your style of strum with each new section  or box as I have marked below.  The 1 beat on the first phrase starts on word 'face' and the (Am) in a bracket is an optional. Finally my favourite part of the song is the acapella ( thats nothing except vocals) ending. I don't care so much for Rihanna's more urban music but have learnt to respect her voice that just soars in this track . Please enjoy Jake !

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