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Lucky Spoon Press Page

Jake Rodrigues : Lucky Spoon Self Released 22 July 2022

The one man band ‘Bert’ played by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is a lovable rogue. After entertaining the crowd he invites us to jump into his picture which transforms into a magical world full of excitement and vivid colour.  Another rogue and an actual one man band is Jake Rodrigues & like Bert he’s inviting you to jump into an exciting & colourful other world. The musical world that is ‘Lucky Spoon’.


Once inside the Lucky Spoon we soon find Jake is finally freed from the instruments strapped to his limbs & is itching to take you on a magical journey of sound and song. In this album songs of love & mirth rub shoulders with epic ballads. Banjos, trumpets, ukuleles & accordions fuse styles ranging from classic Beach Boy Barbershop to nostalgic Americana, from Pink Floyd to Nick Drake to the Beatles. Like the bells on his feet, honking car horn & buskers harmonica Jake sings & plays it all with originality, heart & a smile for the crowd.

Here is a quick reference to some of the treats in store on Lucky Spoon.

Mr Blue Sky meets Chumbawumba’s I Get Down & Up Again Get Over It 

1960’s beat classic that’s only just been written Basking in Your Smile

Fat Boy Slim meets Johnny Cash on Change your Mind

Lucky vibes & Ska trumpets on Lucky Spoon

Piano led balladry & a Gospel feel on Awoken

Samba meets Vangelis on Ukulele with Wake Up Sleepy Head

Vaughan William’s Lark Ascending fuses with Pink Floyd Daft as Me

Nostalgic pianos & strings, all fingers & thumbs on Buttons

Honking car horns, trumpets & naughtiness Luxury

Instrumental seaside meets Americana with Donkey Rides 43

Psychedelic Barbershop harmony on Gibbous Moon

Elton John meets Bastille’s Pompeii in Platypuses’ Tales


Cabaret style ballad full of heart & B’n’B’s  #Bekind

Another angle on Stephen Foster’s Oh Susanna cue Susanna Oh

Kitchen Condiments & supporting the underdog with more than a hint of Mull of Kintyre. Make a toast to Cream of Tartar

01 Get Over It 1
02 Basking In Your Smile 1
03 Change Your Mind 1
04 Lucky Spoon 1
05 Awoken 1
06 Wake Up Sleepy Head 1
07 Daft As Me 1
08 Buttons 1
09 Luxury 1
10 Donkey Rides 43 1
11 Gibbous Moon 1
12 Platypuses' Tales 1
13 #Bekind 1
14 Susanna Oh 1
Just Jake copy_edited.png
15 Cream Of Tartar 1

To interview Jake or for more information or call

Richard on 01603 408525

All the tracks copyright to Jake Rodrigues for broadcast quality recordings please contact Jake or Richard

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