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The Platypuses' Millennial Whoop


All photos here by Judy Rodrigues

Platypuses' Tales Jake Rodrigues
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Millenial Whoop ShortThe Epic Chorus
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Millenial Whoop LongThe Epic Chorus
00:00 / 00:15

The track 'Platypuses' Tales'  is one of the tracks Jake has been grafting on over the last 2 years for his forthcoming album 'Lucky Spoon' . Even by my own  adventurous standards it is quite an undertaking being 7+ minutes long and featuring an epic sonic pallet that conjures The Band to Van Morrison.

In a way songs get a life of their own once they've been written and this song which came in a cluster of three I wrote in the same week instantly stood out. Central to the song is the notion of actions speaking louder than words. This leads I guess as a segue into the millennial whoop . In a funny way it started as a musical joke for my uke class I was teaching at the time as we had all been made aware that the Eeee -Ooohs we were singing in Bastille's Pompeii actually had a cultural name : the millennial whoop. The whoop though has now become an integral element of the song the songwriter was sucked in it's potential to hint at the universal in music.

I have tried multilayering my own voice on this track which does have a certain quality but  have come to realise that I need a real Chorus on this chorus so hence my Covid lockdown mellannial appeal now for you to record your whoop and send it to me .


Below here is the full track and also recording of the phrases I would like you to sing. What you essentially need to do is have the track playing on headphones and record your singing with another device. You can sing any harmony as long as your in tune and in time otherwise I can't use it . The recordings can have a bit of natural echo but remember I will add reverb echo and mix your voice with the others.


You then need to send me a recording of the said whoops. There are two different whoops in the song . The first short one comes three times in each of the three pre-chorus sections. The extended second whoop comes at the climax and finale of the song. I only need you singing each one once so in theory it should be easy ( fatal last words) . Then either email or whatsapp them to me. I can't pay you but will be named on the LP whenever it comes out with either your real or your stage name. If you have any questions or would like to contribute ( sing more harmonies in the song for example ) get in touch and I'll see what we can do .

Click here for contact details & All the best for now x Jake

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