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Ukulele Sing Along

Pic: Ed Sheeran 'Wild Man of the Mountains"

Well I've finally started my ukulele sing a long page of really cheesy pop songs. The idea is you click on a track and you get an arrangement of the original track in the right key for uke . At this point you play the video of the track on the screen point your head in the direction of the screen and follow the uke chart.

This site is definetely NOT for my vintage music friends/fiends but is a good bet for lovers of a good cheesy pop tune. On a geeky note songs that coincide their original key with a uke friendly are suprisingly rare in my anecdotal forages into popular music. Perhaps enjoyment isn't the word but do puruse the page as I aim to add one or two tracks a night to the page on my website ! Take Care Jake

here is the link to the page. Uke Video Jam

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