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The Mela Kalikimaka Returns for it's 3rd Year !

The London Mela Kalikimaka is back for it's third year ! Hurrah loads of new songs some folky, some kinky, some something else

If you fancy an amble down to London Sw18 the next three Fridays and then 2 gigs on the 14th December drop me a line. Here is a link to the 2019 songbook full of fruity cheeky and unexpected numbers all arranged for group Uke playing. New songs include: Southpark's Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo, also Santa Lost a Ho !

Not forgetting Jake's original George Formby style Christmas number ' With me Little Ukulele in me Santa Sack' , Irish Folk with Paul Brady & Andy Irvine's Martinmas time...and all the previous hits from last year !!!

All proceeds raised will be given to Just Shelter ( a local charity working with Refugees) and the Paradise Co-Op who are letting us use their magnificent yurt for rehearsals over the next three weeks ! See you soon Jake

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