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Soundtrack for Shadows & Whispers

Nik Ramage is an artist of mechanical devices that aren't necessarily useful or indeed practical but they are often cheeky, beautiful, contemplative and plain daft. Sometimes they are all of those things at the same time ! So I was delighted when he asked if I'd like to be involved with the soundtrack to an incredibly evocative film presentation of his work made by film maker John Coombes . The film takes place at Haddon Hall where Nik has just finished a residency.

After seeing an early draft of the film I felt compelled to create a theme that resonated with both the historical setting of Haddon Hall and Nik's work which forces you to slow down and ponder. I've created 3 themes based on the classical guitar, piano, toy piano and viola. The last of those instruments I can't actually play but in the spirit of Nik's work it felt right to have a go ! I hope you enjoy the film ! Jake October 2017

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