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The Other Night : Wed 6 th

I’m back at the country house aka the fog this Wednesday for another evening of music and mayhem with any luck ! The last gig was described as a cross between Captain Beefheart b sides and Agadoo ! Sounds like my kind of gig ! 

I’m intending to keep the jolly theme of death rolling this week with a song I learnt from my friend and old college tutor Huw Thomas ! The song is called Melda and is a calypso by the Mighty Sparrow ! Tracking the stalking of the singer by a crazy lady trying to ensure him by instigating an o Ian wedding and summoning the powers of the dead ! It’s a very upbeat song with many classic sparrow lines my favourite of mine is the rhyming couplet ‘ and you won’t catch me with no necromancy ‘ 

All the best and see you with 30 of your nearest from 8.30 pm ! Jake 

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