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The F#Sharp Club

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The venue is The Graveney & Meadow in Tooting on Mitcham Road. Nearest tube Tooting Broadway ( Northern Line) come out only exit turn right 100 meters. parking nearby free in evening.

The F#Sharp Club is a new monthly happening in Tooting at the Graveney & Meadow Bar . It's hope is to provide a safe & encouraging space for songwriters, musicians, spoken word & cabaret artists to express themselves with their own original work. The intention is for as mixed a night as possible with as huge a juxaposition of styles, genres ages & artistic decisions as we can handle. Are you up for that ? and do you want to help get involved as we need help not just as performers but in setting the night up and eventually helping run it.

The setup will be a performance space with a small PA and people performing slots throughout the evening between 8 & 11. Spots will normally be around 10-15 but there will normally be one or two spots for an artist to perform more extended sets.

We will ask audience members to make a contribution ( between £5&£10) and they can pay either cash or with a card. All the money will then be put back into the club & 1) try and pay the performers initially a contribution to their travel expenses (2) pay for flyers & some everts for future events. The clubs relationship with the venue is very straightforward which is we have the space for free ( and charge what we want)  & they take the bar takings. Obviously if they end up turning people away as it is so busy etc I suspect things would be negogiated.

On a personal note as a performer living in London for 30 years myself I am very aware of how hard it is to find a space to develop work and test material. Audiences are essential to this end and although London has a wealth of amazing venues there are fewer and fewer places to perform unless you are a well known name. During lockdown many creatives I know initially had a space of time not known for years to write new material & interrogate their older stuff. Lockdown too made us aware of how glorious it is to share, mingle & delight in performing and experiencing others talents. So with fire in our bellies & an utterance on the tip of our tongue lets do this !! Jake

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