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Hello this is the website of the London based Jake Rodrigues . He does quite a range of music related 'stuff' so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

Jake's work for has a strong leaning towards the community & social aspects of music. He teaches & performs to both young & old & also the bits in-betwee. His songwriting & performing builds bridges between ages & demographics, and his styles of presentation, skills & performance does the same. 2022 sees jake releasing

his first album in over a decade

& is a joyous riot of styles & sounds. Look out on the usual platforms for more info or drop jake a line

innovation & re-invention have been the inspiration since the covid curse & Jake has been exploring his unique musical take with live online shows & a collection of original songs called 'the covid collection' for more of this check out the cream of tartar page & jake's Blog.

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LUCKY spoon is out now

Lucky Spoon AlbumCDBABY.jpg

A one man bands musical quest to bring you tunes & beats for your every mood. Be they happy, sad thoughtful or just plain funky. brought to you full of life box fresh with bangs & fizz

This new album (release July 2022) has been recorded with all the bells & whistles I could muster. Many of the songs have been developed during my cream of tartar show but some are nearly 20 years old. There is a strong nod to the music of beatles & the band with layered harmonies & choruses more catchy than covid. Also laced in are tingly guitars & mandolins with a hint of cat stevens & the epic quality of pink floyd & 80's synth music.

The album was created between london & leeds being produced by my long time friend barkley Mckay. The album will be relaeased digitally but a small batch of cds will be available via this website

Click here to buy cd


this new night in the london calender for folks to enjoy the original works & happenings by musicians & spoken word artists.

The event is curated & hosted by Jake & the first night is on the 8th Feb@ The Graveney & Meadow

Click Poster or scan code

Click the blue pic

to watch the videos

& download the songbook


Click on
for the
Cream of Tartar
Pdf Booklet

Spring Summer Dates 2022

1st April - Froggy's Famous Fanclub (Graveney & meadow)

4th April - Froggy's Famous Fanclub (Home Cafe)

5th April - f#Sharp club 8pm ( Graveney & Meadow)

13&17 September - froggys famous fanclub

15 April - Cream of Tartar from Alicante

22 April -Froggy's Famous Fanclub (Graveney & meadow)

23 April - one man band (Harlesden)

25 April - Froggy's Famous Fanclub (Home Cafe)

29April- froggys famous fanclub( Graveney & Meadow)

MAY/june DAtes Monday & Fridays Froggy

May3rd -f#Sharp club 8pm ( Graveney & Meadow)

May 29-Salisbury international arts festival Froggy)

June 2 & 5 - Buckleberry Farm (One MAn BAnd)

June 3-Covent garden Street party (one mand band)

June4-Southfields Street party(one man band)

June 7- f#Sharp club 8pm ( Graveney & Meadow)

June 24-26 Glastonbury (ukes & cream of Tartar)

July 5 - f#Sharp club 8pm ( Graveney & Meadow)

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