Hello this is the website of  the London based Jake Rodrigues . He does quite a range of music related 'stuff' so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

Jake's work for several years has had a strong leaning towards the community & social aspects of music. His songwriting & performing builds bridges between

ages & demographics, and his styles of presentation & performance attempts the same.

New for this season is the Clockwork Crooner an entertaining and gorgeous  looking musical installation now available for hire at festivals and events worldwide .

The musical & culinary hit

written,performed,cooked & eaten all by Jake

New for 2019 is Jake's new

festival & street theatre

attraction. All lovingly built and operated by Jake himself

 From London's Last One Man Band  to Kids music with Froggy & Friends to performer of Vintage song styles

 Creator of strange funky soundtracks, a jolly Ukulele & Harmonica teacher & a seaside Pierrot clown   

 Sometimes on the set of Strictly , sometimes playing Hogey's tune with P. Busby ,with Mr Vine a one man  dance

 & with The Hula Bluebirds Hawaiian Trance. Accordionist for Midge Ure & an animated bird just to be obscure

CCreating, sharing & hopefully experiencing something musical with you soon !  Get in touch , say Hello !

Jake Rodrigues