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Hello this is the website of the London based Jake Rodrigues . He does quite a range of music related 'stuff' so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

Jake's work for has a strong leaning towards the community & social aspects of music. He teaches & performs to both young & old & also the bits in-betwee. His songwriting & performing builds bridges between ages & demographics, and his styles of presentation, skills & performance does the same. 2022 sees jake releasing

his first album in over a decade

& is a joyous riot of styles & sounds. Look out on the usual platforms for more info or drop jake a line

innovation & re-invention have been the inspiration since the covid curse & Jake has been exploring his unique musical take with live online shows & a collection of original songs called 'the covid collection' for more of this check out the cream of tartar page & jake's Blog.

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LUCKY spoon is out now

Lucky Spoon AlbumCDBABY.jpg

A one man bands musical quest to bring you tunes & beats for your every mood. Be they happy, sad thoughtful or just plain funky. brought to you full of life box fresh with bangs & fizz

This new album (release July 2022) has been recorded with all the bells & whistles I could muster. Many of the songs have been developed during my cream of tartar show but some are nearly 20 years old. There is a strong nod to the music of beatles & the band with layered harmonies & choruses more catchy than covid. Also laced in are tingly guitars & mandolins with a hint of cat stevens & the epic quality of pink floyd & 80's synth music.

The album was created between london & leeds being produced by my long time friend barkley Mckay. The album will be relaeased digitally but a small batch of cds will be available via this website

Click here to buy cd

Jake's latest video was made on the isle of wight this summer ( august 2023) and features stunning views of the downs and cliffs at the both the east and west end of the isle of wight.

using drone photography & a red grand piano

(ok a kids toy piano) Jake's video is as evocative as the the song daft as me which is celebration of friendship & the human spirit


Put the 14th June 2023 in your diary as Jake will be performing a his one man show @The Graveney & Meadow in Tooting. The gig is in collaboration with by Wandsworth Fringe Festival & The F#Sharp club

Playing a range of instruments from guitar to banjo, uke accordion, Piano & More the songs will be gleaned from Jake's Albums , Lucky Spoon , Major Chicken & Dead Man's Trousers.

In previous incarnations of his live shows jake used fire, fog, was extremely violent with plastic toys and even laid an egg. Who knows what will happen now he has mastered the cream of tartar.

Tickets are available via the wandsworth fringe festival which your can QR here

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& download the songbook


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